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About Us

An Agent you Can Trust

Our chief agent , Barry Feigelman has a unique business and scientific background which gives him the strong knowledge and experience necessary to help you save time and $ by choosing the best Medicare plan for your situation. Barry is a real problem solver who will help you solve any issues that might come up with your coverage or billing. Unlike most agents, Barry is highly knowledgeable  about pharmaceutical drugs and their activities as well as the business side of the pharmaceutical industry, having spent over 20 years selling various services and products to drug discovery and development scientists at most of the major pharmaceutical companies worldwide. He also has excellent negotiating skills, based on years of experience of making large and complex deals happen.  Almost inevitably, there will be some problems that come up, either with your billing, getting approval for certain types of services and procedures, or dealing with prescription drug related issues, such as your life saving drug not being listed in the providers formulary. Barry will do whatever it takes to successfully resolve your issue. Wouldn’t you rather have a real advocate who’s on your side and who’s available both night and day? Most agents sell Medicare on the side. For me, this is my main business.  My goal is your peace of mind.